Sandalwood Revitalizing Facial Toner


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Product Texture: Liquid

Directions for use: Spray onto face, neck, and body after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Used for centuries in skincare, aromatherapy, and various ritual practices, Sandalwood is a versatile extract that can support the body in a variety of beauty and wellness applications. Gently astringent and clarifying, our Sandalwood hydrosol makes a great toner for congested, oily, damaged, and sensitive skin, Its soothing properties protect the skin from irritation, balance skin tone and oil production, and improve the look and texture of the complexion. Sandalwoods warm, rich and smoky aroma offers grounding and calming aromatherapeutic benefits, making it also useful as a purifying room spray for home, office or the fitness studio.

This product is sustainably sourced from a special reforestation project on the island of Hawaii, which only harvests from dead or dying sandalwood trees, leaving the others to thrive. Additionally, as the sawdust leftover from processing sandalwood trees is often discarded, our supplier has developed a special apparatus that makes this byproduct viable for hydrosol production ensuring that no part of this sacred tree goes to waste.