Rose Petal Rehydrating Mask


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Product Texture: Powder

Directions for use: Add approx. 1 teaspoon of mask to bowl, mixing in wet base* as needed until you reach a workable consistency. Gently apply mixture to clean damp skin and allow to remain for 15-20 minutes. Remove with tepid water or a soft wet cloth.

*Can use water, hydrosol, yogurt, honey, oils, or experiment with other liquid, gel, and cream product bases.

For mature, dry, or damaged skin, this sweet blend of petals and herbs will soften and support a healthy complexion. Oats, Almond, and Marshmallow Root are paired with Calendula and Lavender flowers to soothe and revive depleted skin. Rosehips deliver an extra boost of nutrients, wit its high Vitamin C & A content, perfect for improving the look of discoloration and sun damage, This formula mixes well with any hydrosol, pure honey, creams, gels, or organic base oils like Roeship Seed or Borage for extreme dry conditions. Add Rose essential oil to help lock in moisture and comfort the skin and spirit.