Exfoliating Lemon Hand Cleanser


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Product Texture: Exfoliating granules in créme base

Directions for use: Apply to hands and forearms, scrubbing throughly. Rinse with tepid water.

Using Natural Pumice to remove dead skin cells and wash away dirt and debris, our premier hand scrub is a wonderful option for professionals, crafters, and hobbyists who need to take their cleansing to the next level. Those working heavily with their hands – like health practitioners, gardeners, or mechanics – appreciate its dual action performance as both a deep cleanser and a moisturizer. With our hand scrub, you can skip the extra moisturizing product and get right back to your passions! The extracts of Lemon in this formula are also a food industry worker’s best friend, cutting through leftover kitchen scents for soft, refreshed fingertips. Lavender Flower